Rolls Royce ties in more partners to its smart ship future

ROLLS ROYCE has rolled out more smart shipping news today with announcements of tie ups with Singapore’s Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, with Finland’s Tampere University of Technology and with the Finnish ship technology firm Cargotec, through its subsidiary MacGregor. The announcements follow a series of similar announcements from the UK-listed technology firm which is ramping up its advanced technology research into automation as it sees its traditional markets offer little incremental returns. Rolls Royce recently won funding by the Finnish research body Tekes to further its research into smart shipping.

In the statements Rolls Royce said:

  • The strategic partnerships with Tampere University of Technology will help develop and test the technology to support systems necessary for autonomous navigation, enabling the first generation of autonomous ships. More details can be found here
  • The partnership with TCOM in Singapore will work on research to develop fundamental technologies, such as smart sensing, digital twinning and integrated modelling, which Rolls Royce said is essential to the development of future marine data based solutions. More details can be found here
  • The MoU with MacGregor will see both companies explore the impact of developments in autonomy for cargo ship navigation and cargo handling systems on-board container ships. The aim is to lay the groundwork for autonomous container ships. More details can be found here


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